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1. Someone Finish It ;)-SW71419th Feb 2024

Artist: anon881007

2. DONNY ROSARY21st May 2016

Artist: dganim16

3. SW-neque sagittis5th Feb 2024

Artist: anon881007
Kit: SW -a G symphony

4. Lil Freq - Galactic War :#30th Jan 2024

Artist: anon951044

5. SW-1kiill3m again-20223rd Feb 2024

Artist: anon881007
Kit: new kit

6. Big Mama7th Feb 2024

Artist: anon856531
Kit: Sasquash

7. SW-1kiill3m again5th Feb 2024

Artist: anon881007
Kit: new kit

8. 757 A$AP Mob27th Feb 2014

Artist: ghres
Kit: Sasquash Sounds

9. 757 Jay-Z - Bonnie & Clyde23rd Aug 2013

Artist: ghres
Kit: JayZLoops

10. Look At Me Now23rd Jun 2014

Artist: .Blank
Kit: Your Welcome

11. 757 Drake13th Sep 2013

Artist: ghres
Kit: TrapHiHats

12. Mario Boomin 1611th Apr 2017

Artist: anon194138
Kit: new kit

13. Someone Finish It ;)-SW71419th Feb 2024

Artist: anon881007

14. 757 Aston Martin18th Mar 2014

Artist: ghres
Kit: DaysOfOurLives

15. KnightMare19th Apr 2016

Artist: anon42680
Kit: Trill Loops

16. SW-tha homosapien5th Feb 2024

Artist: anon881007

17. dak sucks 19th Jan 2024

Artist: anon872582
Kit: may pack 4

18. In the end20th Jul 2013

Artist: DavidMccaig
Kit: Piano Sound Kit

19. E Flo- Sounds for you (Buttons including Bruh, nobody got time fo dat, rocky, fk her in the py, like a boss, and even more good buttons) DOWNLOAD23rd Sep 2014

Artist: eflo

20. G Ø L D C A P S (slow)2nd Dec 2016

Artist: anon139439
Kit: boomer boi bob

21. Spit slick18th Dec 2013

Artist: rasmallw
Kit: If you want great dis is her

22. ÿg pussyboy15th Feb 2017

Artist: anon206940

23. SW-ImGonnaDeleteThis212th Apr 2020

Artist: anon588188
Kit: ByWrote

24. DIJITOL- TRAP ST⭐️R19th May 2016

Artist: anon37336
Kit: Trill Loops

25. 757 BassKeys+23rd Jul 2013

Artist: ghres
Kit: JahlilSoundsInstruments

26. #WeMilitian [wait4drop] OGMBONE1st Jun 2014

Artist: OG Cap
Kit: Mix Trap Genres OMITCH BONE

27. marley20th Sep 2015

Artist: dijitol1
Kit: All i hear is the same hi hat patterns.

28. Boom Clap2nd Oct 2014

Artist: Dj Trick Out
Kit: Boom Clap

29. Swing25th Jan 2014

Artist: headake42

30. In the end223rd Jul 2013

Artist: Jin Su
Kit: Piano Sound Kit